Kwéyòl Proverbs

Jwé épi chyen, ou ké tapé pis.
(Play with dogs and you will get fleas.)
MEANING:  People often pick up bad habits from the company they keep.

Balyé nèf ka balyé nèt, mé vyé balyé konnèt tout kwen.
(New broom sweeps clean, but old broom knows all corners.)
MEANING:  A new thing is not necessarily better than the old one it replaces.  

Pa gadé salopwi kochon si’w vlé manjé kochon.
(Don’t look at the filthy ways of pigs if you want to eat pigs.)
MEANING:  You need to ignore the nasty habits of pigs if you want to enjoy eating pork.  

Sé manjé-a ou enmen plis ki ka toufé'w.
(It is the food you love the most that chokes you.)
MEANING:  Those we love the most often hurt us the most.

Zòwèy pa ni kouvèti.
(Ears don’t have covers.)
MEANING: Walls have ears, so be careful when speaking within earshot of others, as you cannot prevent them overhearing you.

Pwéson ka jwé èvè glo, mé i pa sav sé glo ki ka tjwit li.
(A fish plays (swims) in water, but it does not know it is water that cooks it.)
MEANING:  You never know who you can trust or who will betray you.

Sé mizè ki fè makak manjé piman.
(It is misery that made the monkey eat pepper.)

MEANING:  When people are desperate, they do things they would not normally consider.

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