We can indicate that a noun is plural by use of the pluralising word:  .  Simply place the word  before the noun.


the woman

the women 
( fanm-la)

the man (nonm-la)
the men ( nonm-la)

the child
(zanfan-a / timoun-la)               

the children 
( zanfan-a /  timoun-la)

the person 

the people 
( moun-la)             

We can also use a quantifying word, such as a number or a non-specific quantifying word and place it before the noun.


5 women  (senk fanm)
several women  (plizyé fanm)
a few things  (yonndé bagay)
lots of thieves  (an chay vòlè)

We can also use the noun in a general sense to indicate a group.


People are impatient nowadays. 
(Moun enpasyanté jòdi jou.)

School children work hard. 
(Zanfan lékòl ka twavay wèd.)

Women are wise. 
(Fanm ni sajès.)

Tomatoes are not sweet like before. 
(Tanmadòz pa dou kon avan.)

Pigs eat almost everything.  
(Kochon ka manjé pwès tout bagay.)

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