The Definite Article

There are 2 Definite Articles in Dominican Kwéyòl:  “la” and “a”.
When written, the Definite Article is preceded by a hyphen:  -la and –a, and is placed after the noun.

-la  is used with nouns that end with a consonant
-a   is used with nouns that end with a vowel.

Examples of nouns with consonant endings:
tab-la  (the table)  
jip-la (the skirt)
fanm-la  (the woman) 
nonm-la (the man)

Examples of nouns with vowel endings:
mango-a  (the mango)
diwi-a  (the rice)
zanfan-a  (the child)
péyi-a  (the country)

The Indefinite Article

For the Indefinite Article (in English, these are the words: a/an), there is a choice of 3 words which can be used: an, on, or yon, and they can be used interchangeably.  The Indefinite Article is placed before the noun.  Unlike the definite article, when written, a hyphen is not used.

yon fanm  (a woman)
on tab  (a table) 
an jip  (a skirt)

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